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those lyrics speak for their relationship i cant

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"We have to respect each other enough to let each other want what we want." 

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Jeff finally letting himself want what he wants.

Let me weep in my silent little corner. Let me.


"who do you want me to be?"
"how about a friend?"


"Did you get my picture?"

"A little busy right now, Steven."

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The most adorable couple ever. I can’t.

don’t we all just want a guy who will cup our face kiss our cheek like this HAAAAAA



i can’t believe I’m doing this but last night something strike me and I would like to share with you guys. Just remember that this is only a wishful speculation. (i’m also trying to distance myself as much as i can of Community because i know my feelings will get hurt and life is already shit the…



I think it’s strange people keeping calling it a proposal. Jeff is not proposing to Britta, he’s suggesting marriage. There’s a huge difference.

As a J/A shipper I’m really glad Annie isn’t in Britta’s place because, even though I hate seeing anything J/B related, deep down I know it’s not…