One Direction after meeting Emma Watson. :) Haha!

Such pretty boys.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I find One Direction just so, so adorable, amazing, perfect, etc. and I’ve also concluded that Harry Styles is my favorite member.

Look at him! He’s so pretty! His voice is my favorite among the group. 1D just has differences in terms of musicality, and his is my favorite style, that goes without saying that I don’t like the other members’ voices, I do love all their singing voices too, of course - Zayn’s voice is probably my second favorite. Another thing I like about Harry is that he has the best sense of humor in the group, along with Louis. Oh God, their chocolate coins bit was so funny, I literally laughed out loud. Harry has the most endearing personality and the capability to make me smile till my cheeks hurt and that alone can make me like a celebrity. HE’S JUST SO LOVELY AND ADORABLE!

Whew, another group to admire from a great distance. :))

I have an unhealthy attraction towards guys with curly hair.